Parents, Please send in this permission slip for the trip to the High School as soon as possible.  It is due on Friday, 12/15.  Students received it on Friday, Dec 8th.

Winter Rehearsal Permission Slip 2017

On Monday Morning (Dec 18th), all music groups will go on a Field Trip to our High School for one last rehearsal before our concert.

On Monday Evening (Dec 18th), all music students will perform in the Winter Concert.  Students are expected to arrive to the High School at 6:30pm.  The concert starts at 7:00pm.  Students are expected to wear formal (black and white) concert attire.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  631-348-5100 ext 4538 – Or, use the ‘Contact Mr. Hait’ button above!

6th Grade Band Seating Audition and Playing Test

December 4 – December 8

At the seating audition, students will be expected to play the following to the best of their ability:

  • Concert Bb Scale – Memorized
  • Toy Soldiers 25 to the End – Tempo = 92
  • Magma – Measures 48 to end – Tempo = 144
  • Windermere – Measures 29 to 61 – Tempo = 120

Students will be graded based on correct:

  • Rhythms (Counting)
  • Notes (Singing)
  • Dynamics (Volume)
  • Articulation (Tonguing, Staccato, Legato)
  • Phrasing (Playing 2 or 4 measures in one breath)
  • Tempo (Use a metronome, metronome app, or


6th Grade Band Winter Concert
Monday, December 18th 7PM at Central Islip High School


6th Grade Band Seating Audition Challenges

If a student is not happy with his or her new seat assignment, the student may challenge the person sitting one seat ahead of them.  The two students will be able to retake the playing test with an added sight reading requirement.  It is possible that new songs will be added to the repertoire by then.  All challenges will take place after we return to school in January.

You are invited to a

6th Grade Band Parent Meeting
Reunion de los padres de banda

Light refreshments will be provided
Se proporcionarán refrigerios ligeros

Date:           WEDNESDAY, November 1, 2017
Time:          6pm-7pm
Location:   Mulligan Middle School Band Room


  • How to help your child to succeed in the Band program
  • How to help your child to practice
  • Learn the vocabulary that your children will be using in Band
  • How your child can make up band lessons
  • Online Resources to help your child practice
  • There will be time for parent questions

Hablamos Español!

  • Cómo ayudar a su hijo a tener éxito en el programa de la banda
  • Cómo ayudar a su hijo a practicar
  • Aprenda el vocabulario que sus hijos usarán en Banda
  • Cómo su hijo puede componer las clases de la banda
  • Recursos del internet para ayudar a su hijo a practicar
  • Habrá tiempo para preguntas: solo para los padres
Please join Remind!

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To: 81010
Message: @mull6band