Welcome to 6th Grade Band at Mulligan Middle School.

All students have received the following documents.  All of these items are due by Friday, September 15, 2017.  If any student needs an extension, please contact Mr. Hait via email (, the contact form on this website, by phone 631-348-5041 ext. 4538, or send in a note with your child!

  • Band Handbook Contract (as of 9/13, 26 out of 75)
  • Rental Contract (as of 9/13, 34 out of 75)
  • Rental Fee – $50 (as of 9/13, 34 out of 75)
  • Parent Joins Remind (as of 9/13, 12 out of 75) (see below)
Please join Remind!

To join the 6th grade band remind group, please send a simple text message! …
To: 81010
Message: @mull6band

For the 2017-2018 School Year, our Band Parent Meeting will be on November 1st at 6:30PM!



The parent meeting that was held on Monday, November 14th was (hopefully) a great success!  40 Parents attended, some with their children, to learn about how they can better help their children prepare for their weekly lesson.

Parents: If you attended the meeting, can you please provide some feedback?

Below are the handouts from the session:

Parent Rhythm, Note Reading Handout (PDF)

Parent Meeting Slideshow (PDF)

Mulligan 6th grade Band Parent Meeting Outline and Script (PDF)

If anybody has a birthday coming up – or has some extra allowance money laying around, please ask for a “Metronome”.  They are an invaluable asset for any musician, both young and old.

Metronomes can range in price from $20 – $400 – $1000!  I recommend that you purchase a metronome in the $20 – $30 range.  More expensive metronomes can do neater things, but they are not necessary for most people.

If you would like, you can get a free metronome for your smartphone.  You can even visit for a free metronome on the web.  Make sure your speakers are turned on!

Mr. Hait’s Suggestions for Practicing Band Music

  • Break your music up into small sections. First, try to master a 2 or a 4 measure section.
  1. First, try to Count the section of the music. Count it a few times – until you get good at it!
  2. Then, try to Sing the section of the music – Sing it a few times – until you are able to sing it at the same speed that you counted it
  3. Then, play the section of music several times – until you are able to play it at the same speed that you counted it and sang it!
  • Then, move on to a new section – the next 2 or 4 measures. Do the same routine.
  • After you master a few sections of music, try to combine the sections. Before you know it, you will have mastered the entire song!
  • Use the ‘Checklist’ for your song. If you are perfect at the first few sections, don’t play those sections again.  It is better to use your time to work on the other sections that you are having difficulty with.

Progress reports were recently mailed home and included detailed information about the progress of the students in the sixth grade band.  Many students are learning exceedingly well and progressing from week to week.  However, some students are not attending their weekly lessons.  Please make sure that your child has his or her ‘Lesson Card‘ and attends his or her lesson prepared with the instrument, folder, and book.  For more information about what we are doing in lessons, click here!

If a student misses his or her lesson for any reason, he or she is expected to make up the lesson during his or her 6th period lunch period or after school.