Note about Instrument Brands

Dear Band Students and Parents,

Congratulations on the completion of another year of band.  All of you played wonderfully at our concert!  Your musical career is off to a great start.  I hope that you all learned a lot of great things about responsibility, your instruments, and most importantly, music.

As the year draws to a close, I would like to give you and your parents some information about continuing your instrumental music education.  Next year, you will (hopefully!) continue performing in the band at the Reed Middle School.  Once again, you will have the opportunity to rent an instrument from the school district.  However, wouldn’t it be great if you had your own instrument—and didn’t have to rent one from the school?

If you feel that you are ready to make a long-term commitment to studying your instrument, you may decide to purchase a better quality instrument.  This instrument will be yours and it will last for the rest of your school music career—and beyond.  If you decide to rent or purchase an instrument, here are some suggested brands (and in some cases, model numbers).  These are good quality instruments, and most are relatively affordable to rent or purchase.  Many of these instruments can also be purchased used, saving a significant amount of money.  There is nothing wrong with a used instrument, as long as it is good quality.

Flute:   Gemeinhardt 2SP, Yamaha, Armstrong 105.  Eventually, around the time of high school, students will need an “Open-Hole Intermediate Flute”.  These intermediate flutes will have better sound and have greater longevity.

Clarinet: Selmer, Yamaha, Buffet, Vito.  Vandoren B-45 Mouthpiece (or equivalent)

Rico 2½ reeds.

Saxophone: Yamaha, Vito, Armstrong.  Padded neck-strap, Selmer C* mouthpiece, Rico 2½


Trumpet: Bach TR300, Yamaha YTR-2320, Bach or King.  Bach 7C mouthpiece.

French Horn: Holton, Yamaha, Conn, Bach, Selmer.  Bach 11 mouthpiece.

Trombone: Bach TB300, King, Yamaha, Selmer.

Baritone Horn: Yamaha, King, Bach, Selmer.

Percussion: Yamaha kit (includes snare with practice pad and 2½ octave bell kit)

An important note about other brands: While there are other brands and models that are suitable, please be cautious when selecting an instrument.  There are instruments available at extremely low prices on the market today that are, in some cases, made poorly.  Poorly-made instruments have a negative effect on your child’s success.  These instruments often have zero re-sale value, do not play in tune, and repair facilities sometimes refuse to service or repair them.  These instruments will not save you money.  A shiny instrument is not always the best instrument.  Also, please be careful when dealing with E-Bay—refer to the recommended brands.

Some local music stores include Family Melody in Patchogue, Munro Music in East Northport, Music and Arts in St. James, and Sam Ash in Huntington.

If you have questions about an instrument’s suitability for our program, please ask any music store dealer.  You can also feel free to contact me via my email,

It has been a pleasure being your band teacher this year.

Musically Yours,

Mr. Hait