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6th Grade Band Seating Audition and Playing Test

November 15 – November 17

At the seating audition, students will be expected to play the following to the best of their ability:

  • Concert Bb Scale – Memorized
  • Sounds of Joy 21-45
  • Spectrum 7-15, 21-29, 47-57

Students will be graded based on correct:

  • Rhythms (Counting)
  • Notes (Singing)
  • Dynamics (Volume)
  • Articulation (Tonguing, Staccato, Legato, Slur)
  • Tempo (Use a metronome, metronome app, or


Winter Concert
Tuesday, December 11th 7PM at Central Islip High School


6th Grade Band Seating Audition Challenges

If a student is not happy with his or her new seat assignment, the student may challenge the person sitting one seat ahead of them.  The two students will be able to retake the playing test with an added sight reading requirement.  It is possible that new songs will be added to the repertoire by then.  All challenges will take place after the concert.

Beginners: Do you want to play in the concert on December 11th?!

  1. Attend All Monday Rehearsals
    1. November 19
    2. November 26
    3. December 3
    4. December 10
  2. Learn Jingle Bells (#38 in book)
  3. Learn My Dreydl (#39 in book)
  4. Learn Good King Wenceslas (Printout from Mr. Hait)
  5. Get ‘Checked Off’ by Mr. Hait on all 3 songs, and you’ll be in the concert!

Please bring in the rental fee by Friday, September 14th.  I’d like to start lessons on Monday the 17th, but I can only do that if most students bring in the rental fee!  Thank you!

Please see the posts below and read about joining Remind and investigating the possibility of purchasing extra equipment such as a Metronome.

As of today, September 5th, all sixth grade students who were recommended to continue in the band program have received rental contracts.  Once they are returned to Mr. Hait, students will receive their instrument and lessons will begin.

All fifth grade students learned about the instruments that are available to them and they received forms that can be filled out and returned to Mr. Hait.  Please click on the ‘Important Forms‘ link to print out extra copies of these forms at home if you need to.