Hi All, I hope everybody is doing well.  Here is the link that we will use EVERY Wednesday and Friday at 10am – until we get back in to school (Hopefully SOON!)

Please finish your Google Classroom “Rhythm Assignment 1” and your “SmartMusic” assignments before we meet tomorrow (if possible!)


password: cordello


April 1, 10:00am Zoom Meeting:

Good Morning, I’m going to be doing a Zoom Video Chat today to help students learn about SmartMusic and Google Classroom, and to say Hi!

Hello Wonderful Cordello Students, Let’s make the best of this situation!

  1. Please ask your parents to join Remind!
    1. If you have a smartphone, visit http://rmd.at/g5band1920 or http://rmd.at/g6band1920
    2. If you want to receive text messages, Text the message @g5band1920 or @g6band1920 to the number 81010.
  2. Please sign up for FREE SmartMusic
    1. Open a Chrome browser and visit: https://admin.smartmusic.com/join, When prompted for a class code, please enter: 6QWGG-QCY6U
    2. Note: Clarinets are called “Bb Clarinet”, Baritone Horns are called “Baritone BC”
    3. Parents: Click here for a video that teaches you about signing up https://www.smartmusic.com/parents/

Our trip to New York City is quickly approaching!
You might want to read some of this information to help you to learn about what we are going to see and hear:


A few details:

  • Students should bring a bagged lunch
  • Students should not bring backpacks
  • Students should arrive at the Central Islip Train Station at 8:10am (Corner of Suffolk Avenue and Broadway – Near Mulligan School)
  • At the end of the day, students should be picked up at 3:25, right when the train arrives in Central Islip

I can’t wait to start teaching lessons on Monday, September 23rd!

Beginners: Please read all of the information that I gave you in your folder!

Please do the YouTube activity that I shared with you in your folder.

Have your paper and a pencil ready!

Mr. Hait’s Suggestions for Practicing Band Music

  • Break your music up into small sections. First, try to master a 2 or a 4 measure section.
  1. First, try to Count the section of the music. Count it a few times – until you get good at it!
  2. Then, try to Sing the section of the music – Sing it a few times – until you are able to sing it at the same speed that you counted it
  3. Then, play the section of music several times – until you are able to play it at the same speed that you counted it and sang it!
  • Then, move on to a new section – the next 2 or 4 measures. Do the same routine.
  • After you master a few sections of music, try to combine the sections. Before you know it, you will have mastered the entire song!
  • Use the ‘Checklist’ for your song. If you are perfect at the first few sections, don’t play those sections again.  It is better to use your time to work on the other sections that you are having difficulty with.