Important Forms

The Weelky Lesson Assignment and Practice Log is due at each lesson.  The only way to improve and develop any skill is to practice – constantly.  As a band, it is our goal to have at least two incredible concerts and develop our solo playing ability.  I request that each student do the best they can to practice for at least 90 minutes each week.  Please have your child fill out this chart and sign where it says “Parent Signature”.  You are free to write notes back and forth with me if you have any questions regarding your child’s progress.

The Instrument Rental Contract, along with the $50 rental fee is due “As Soon As Possible for continuing 6th Graders”.  The sooner your child returns the form and the payment, the sooner he or she will receive the instrument!  5th graders who are accepted into the band program will receive their Instrument Rental Contract from Mr. Hait soon.

5th Graders from Cordello are invited to join band for the first time!  On Wednesday, September 5th, all fifth graders learned about the instruments that were available to them.  Please hand in your ‘Instrument Choice Sheet‘ as soon as possible.  The last day this will be collected is Thursday, September 13th.  Click Here for a letter explaining the band program.

The Band Handbook lists the expectations of our band students.  It also contains a list of dates and grading policies.  Please read through and help your child to understand what is expected.

Each student received a lesson card showing the dates and times of their small group instrumental music lesson.  This laminated card is the pass that the student uses to show his or her teacher and to use in the hallway on the way to the lesson.  DO NOT LOSE THIS CARD!