• The first thing we play at each lesson is our B-Flat Scale.  This scale should be memorized and played with all of these notes in the following order:
    Bb C D Eb F G A Bb A G F Eb D C Bb
  • We will be learning a few more scales this year (there are 60 in total!)
  • After we play our scale, we will go through our playing assignment to be sure that each student mastered the previous week’s material.

Practicing Tips:

  • I teach the children to practice using the “Count it — Sing it — Play it” method.
    1. If the section of music contains eighth notes, the student can count the rhythm of the music
    2. Then, sing the letters of the music — using the same rhythm that was used to count the music.  The student might have to sing the section a few times in order to sing with the proper rhythm
    3. Then, play the music — at the same speed that they counted and sang it.
  • After a student masters a small section of music (2 or 4 measures), go on to the next small section of music.
  • By the end of 1 week of practice, the student should be able to play their assignment(s) with precision – and earn a grade of 100 in the grade book!